Thursday, April 30, 2015

Algodon Wines Impress at Malbec World Day

Algodon Wines recently participated in Malbec World Day in NYC, organized by Wines of Argentina (WOFA) at the Dream Hotel.  This annual event is hosted every April 17th in cities around the world to commemorate the importance and history of Argentina's most widely grown and popular grape varietal.

The New York City event was attended by many of Argentina's TOP wineries including Algodon Wine Estates, Alta Vista, Catena Zapata, Clos de los Siete, Kaiken, Luigi Bosca, Norton, Monteviejo, Salentiein, Septima, Trapiche, and many others.  In fact, a total of 31 wineries participated in the event, and guests were able to sample Malbec varietals and blends from all over Argentina. Attendees included everyone from your typical wine lover, to wine writers, fine dining GM's, distributor representatives and importers.

Using a smart phone application created specifically for this event, guests were able to rate their favorite wines of the evening.  I am very pleased to share that out of a total of around 120 different wines served that evening, Algodon Wine Estates PIMA 2009 and Malbec 2010 were both voted among the TOP 10 wines of the evening:

Algodon Wines were also a success at Malbec World Day in the Netherlands, because great tasting events bring great feedback.  According to the event's organizer, Algodon's Malbec-Bonarda blend was the true hit of the evening, and many guests returned to the table for more information about our wines.

Stay tuned for Algodon Fine Wine’s new website, which is scheduled to launch this summer.

- Scott Mathis

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