Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Algodon Wines 2014 Update

Algodon Wine Estates’ Wine Team is moving full steam ahead for a very busy and productive 2014.  This year, Algodon Wines will have the largest production since our inception!  Here are some exciting highlights:

  • Our first Algodon Sparkling Chenin Blanc, a very high end sparkling wine (or "espumante") was recently bottled and placed on the Argentine market. This year we will also introduce our first Algodon Sparkling Malbec, and our fist Algodon Sparkling Bonarda.
  • New stainless steel wine tanks and an ample amount of additional new French Oak barrels have been added to our arsenal, increasing our capacity significantly.  Right now the harvest is in full swing, so these tanks and barrels are already being filled.
  • New onsite bottling facilities were also recently added, allowing our winemakers to bottle when desired and when necessary, rather than depending on the availability of external bottling facilities.  This will have a significant positive impact on our production capabilities.

  • This year’s production will see an increase of 120% over last year's.  This is a great positive step forward for our wine business!
  • We also anticipate a much larger output of our ultra-fine microvinified wines, in addition to a much larger output of our varietals and blends, including PIMA, Malbec, Bonarda, Malbec/Bonarda Blend, Pinot Noir, Cabernet, Chardonnay and others. 
  • We will be introducing our newest ultra-icon wine (whose name will be disclosed at a later date) which will be a blend of six varietals, including those from our 1946 vineyards, and should be available in 2016 when our superb 1946 vineyards celebrate their 70th birthday!  This wine will be supreme!  

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- Scott Mathis

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