Sunday, July 21, 2013

Happy Anniversary, Hollywood Burger, San Rafael!

Two years ago we opened our test kitchen and flagship Hollywood Burger in San Rafael. Congratulations to all!  This month also marked a record sales month for Hollywood Burger!  With the tourism seasons beginning annually in July, we were expecting a great month- and so far, we have not been disappointed.  This photo is from this weekend, and shows the typical weekend night at Hollywood Burger's flagship.

Check out the crowd!  Being now winter in San Rafael, it snowed earlier in the day, so the fact that folks are turning up in force even in this weather is great!  The store was so full that for safety and fire control reasons, some customers had to be held outside in the cold until a line of customers left the store.  Customer safety and fire regulations come first, a pleasant "problem" to deal with.

Here's another recent photo that illustrates our typical evening turnout:

The Star of the Week contest that we launched on Facebook is still growing, and we broke the 4,000 fan barrier only recently (3000 are from San Rafael alone).  Click here to join the Hollywood Burger Facebook Fan Club.

Happy Anniversary!  Hooray for Hollywood!

-Scott Mathis