Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Hollywood Burger's Pancho & Burger Explosion Continues!

Sales from this past week at Hollywood Burger, San Rafael, marked another record-breaking weekend!  We've already had to purchase a second pancho machine and extend our business hours at our Argentina flagship and test kitchen in order to keep up with demand.

Our customers have spoken and we have listened.  As we continue even now to find ways to lower prices and improve our menu offering, we are on our way to beating out the local competition.   Additionally, our Facebook fan base is ever-growing- aided by our recent online promotions and contests that encourage participation both online and in person at our restaurant.

An entirely Hollywood Burger fan-created promotion called "Meet for Panchos at HB" was orchestrated by a local teen who told all his Facebook friends to meet at Hollywood Burger one night at 10 pm, all at the same time.  A "flash mob" of over 100 hungry teenagers showed up (they actually contacted us first to make sure it was ok...), causing a pancho and burger explosion.  Someone else did it again this past weekend, so it seems we are becoming quite the hotspot for the local youth culture.

Click here to visit the Hollywood Burger Facebook Fan Club!

Future Hollywood Burger franchises in Cordoba, Argentina, and Dubai are on the way, with even more locations in the pipeline.  We are excited about the potential.  Hooray for Hollywood!

-Scott Mathis