Saturday, May 4, 2013

Hollywood Burger’s Cinco Peso Pancho is Taking Off!

Hollywood Burger’s Cinco Peso Pancho is so far a great success.  It has been very welcome, as one never really knows the results of a new product launch until you open for business.

Our fans in San Rafael are literally eating these up.  Hollywood Burger’s Cinco Peso Pancho is a tasty foot long hotdog that is both low priced and delicious.  Interesting that they like French fries directly on the hotdog......this saves time for sure!

We’ve had a surprisingly very positive uptick in business as it relates to our new pricing structure and menu offerings, which includes the introduction of the Hollywood Pancho (hot dog), as well as some other items that seem to be selling well.

Hooray for Hollywood!

We were optimistic about the potential for the local market, but the sales and positive response for the Panchos has been better than anyone thought.  This is historically a very slow month in San Rafael, as far as the tourism season goes. However, with the introduction of our Hollywood Panchos (and with a little Hollywood service with a smile) we are breaking daily records for this time period- which has been very welcome in this low tourism season.  We have received a much larger demographic than ever before: more kids, teenagers as well as a flood of new adults.

And Hollywood Burger Dubai #2 is fast approaching as well:  less than 3 months to the grand opening!

- Scott Mathis