Monday, October 29, 2012

Veuve Clicquot Lounge and Fiesta de la Luna

The chic Veuve Clicquot Lounge at Algodon Mansion is now open, and I hope you’ll agree that Veuve and Algodon make a wonderful pairing.  You can read the official press release of Veuve’s opening here.  The star-studded Grand Opening event at Algodon Mansion, Buenos Aires’ best luxury boutique hotel, was a big success.

Several weeks ago our Mendoza wine lodge, Algodon Wine Estates, celebrated the moon at the Fiesta de la Luna, and with over three hundred tickets sold, we’ve decided to make this outdoor lounge a more permanent fixture in the landscape when the season permits.

The huge turnout of guests has set the stage for the season, so look for more events such as this as the season progresses. 

- Scott Mathis