Monday, April 9, 2012

Major developments in San Rafael (named by CNN Money / Fortune Magazine as one of the world’s 4 best places to retire)

Here is some great news that I received from Pedro Bernacchi, Chief Operating Officer of Algodon Wine Estates Vineyard Living:  After a month or so of conversations and lobbying, the Chamber of Developers from San Rafael (of which our real estate development is a member) we managed to get a “yes” from Aerolineas Argentinas to begin flying in and out of San Rafael 7 days a week.  No word yet on when this will begin, but this is certainly great news for San Rafael and of course for anyone seeking to buy vineyard real estate at our Mendoza hotel and wine resort, Algodon Wine Estates.

We also spoke with the new mayor of San Rafael, who informed us that there is a new plan in place to build a bridge on the “back” road leading to Algodon Wine Estates’ front gate.  This new bridge will essentially create a detour from San Rafael’s airport to Algodon Wine Estates’ front gate that will cut at least 10 minutes off the 20 minute drive.