Monday, March 12, 2012

Alamos trees and construction update for AWE

About two years ago, our landscapers planted quite a few new Alamos trees along the common roads of our Argentina vineyard real estate development Algodon Wine Estate.  This was a low cost, but highly rewarding beautification plan for our Mendoza hotel, wine resort and golf resort that is just now beginning to show its fruits.  The Alamos trees are growing in very well:

Just to give you an idea, here is what these trees will look like when they’re fully grown.  This photo is also from the estate:

Lot E12, located in the Wine & Golf Village, has been cleared, and construction will soon start.

And lot E6, also in the Wine & Golf Village, has also been cleared, and the construction process has already begun.  Here is a photo of E6 (which you can see is planted with olive trees) next to the front and back renderings of the home that will be built there:

These olive trees were planted nearly 60 years ago, and are the same trees from which the estate derives its award-winning olive oil.  Amazingly, even mature olive trees can be easily replanted without harming the tree.  So if any of these trees need to be moved to make way for construction, there will not be a problem.

- Scott Mathis