Friday, September 10, 2010

Algodon Mansion is nothing short of fantastic!

After visiting our Buenos Aires luxury boutique hotel, Algodon Mansion, last week, I wanted to share my thoughts on our Grand Opening and the final touches that have made our flagship hotel such a press favorite.  The bottom line is we have collectively created quality in everything that makes up this project including the staff, the building’s renovation, fixtures, d├ęcor and certainly everyone’s positive attitude.  I look forward to all of our clients and partners staying here and experiencing it firsthand.

We hope Algodon Mansion’s reputation will open doors for Algodon Wines and Algodon Wine Estates, as well!  Here are some press and media links to the latest coverage of the recent Grand Opening.  Enjoy! (which gets a whopping 20,133,400 hits per month!)

Mirabaires (A spread on the main page!)

More here:

And even more here:

- Scott Mathis