Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tennis & Golf!

Have a look at this Google Maps snapshot of Algodon Wine Estates new Mendoza Tennis Courts!   In the photo, you can clearly make out our 7 new clay courts, the blue and green hard court, and just to the left of that is the area where the 2 grass courts will be (though when the photo was taken, it appears the grass hadn’t started growing yet.)  All of those little green dots surrounding the courts are olive trees from the half century old olive orchard.  The black roof of the building in the middle is the Clubhouse.

This next photo shows the growth of our new back nine holes on the golf course.  Like the grass court, these are still growing in of course.  But they already look great.  The cleared rectangular space on the left is where our future polo fields will eventually go.  And at the very bottom, you can clearly see the estate’s newest water reservoirs, which appear black in the photo.

Visit Google Maps and explore Algodon Wine Estates, where wine lovers can buy Argentina vineyard real estate for sale, at the link below: 

Google Maps Link

-Scott Mathis