Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Algodon Wine Estates is becoming more of a celebrity every day!

CUISINE & VINS magazine has named Algodon Wine Estates as the Best Real Estate Development in Argentina!  This will appear in an upcoming issue of their magazine that will hit Argentine newsstands soon.  Algodon Wine Estates, where wine lovers can buy Argentina vineyards for sale, will also be mentioned in an upcoming issue of Vogue Latin America & Mexico!  A British television show called "A Place in the Sun" was recently filming at Algodon Wine Estates. The program focuses on buying real estate abroad.  We will be featured on their show, and also on their website (

Our award-winning restaurant at Algodon Wine Estates has now been branded "Chez Gastón", after its talented Executive Chef, Gastón Langlois.  The restaurant continues to be busy, and that no doubt is the result of Gastón’s talents.

-Scott Mathis