Monday, December 7, 2009

Algodon across the Internet

We are enjoying Algodon Wine Estates' recent feature in Time Out Magazine Buenos Aires.

Our luxury boutique hotel in Recoleta, Buenos Aires, Algodon Mansion also has a mention in Incentive online magazine.  Incentive also has a piece on Algodon Wine Estates' Wine Barrel Ownership Program, which you can read here.  A custom barrel of wine from our Mendoza winery makes a great holiday gift.  Your wine will be bottled and branded with your own personalized label or logo, and shipped directly to you.

If you haven’t visited our Algodon Partners YouTube channel, do so!  Here you’ll find some great video updates of our Algodon Properties!  Click on the video below for an example.

Have a great week!

- Scott Mathis