Friday, November 13, 2009

More Algodon in the media!

Why share Algodon Mansion, when you can have the whole thing?  Our Buenos Aires luxury boutique hotel offers a Rent the Mansion package currently featured at Affluent Page Luxury Index.  Algodon Mansion also appears in the October issue of Argentina’s American Express Platinum Card Magazine, which goes out to over 22,000 platinum cardholders.


DPEC Partners also gets an independent mention regarding Argentina real estate investment at (I’m also interviewed in the article.)

We received more great news for our Mendoza winery. Algodon Wines will now be available in “Wine Gallery” wine shop, located at 1780 Montevideo, in Recoleta. That’s just one block from Algodon Mansion. Algodon Wine can also be found at a “Wine Gallery” wine shop at 1811 Av. Cramer, in BA’s Belgrano neighborhood. For more information on where to buy Algodon Wines near you, click here.

In sports news, with Del Potro’s Open win a few months back, the Los Angeles Times dubs Argentina the “Cradle of Tennis Stardom”.  Perhaps someday our San Rafael, Mendoza wine hotel, golf and resort, Algodon Wine Estates will be the birthplace of talent for future Grand Slam Winners under the guidance and tutelage of Argentina tennis legend José Luis Clerc, Director of Algodon Wine Estates Tennis Center.

- Scott Mathis