Thursday, September 3, 2009

Gold Medal for Algodon Olive Oil!

Big olive oil news!  Algodon Olive Oil won the gold medal in a national competition hosted in Buenos Aires this week. Our gold medal was for the “blended” category. That’s exciting news. Expect to see Algodon Olive Oil being served at Algodon Mansion's restaurant.

Algodon's wine sales in are looking good. This week I spoke to our Midwest distributer, Jomada Imports, and was told that we’re selling on average 150 cases of Algodon wines on a monthly basis…that’s 1,800 bottles a month. That’s a nice start considering that Algodon Wines are new to the US market and its consumers.

Our neighbor next door to the Algodon Mansion recently finished some exterior construction. It looks good and is a big improvement on what was there previously:

- Scott Mathis