Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Louis Vuitton, New Cigar Bar, and Canned Truffles…

Louis Vuitton and Algodon Mansion will be partnering in a joint marketing campaign, where the French fashion designer will organize a celebrity photo shoot in one of Algodon Mansion's Royale Suites. We are also scheduled to host private showroom events for some of Louis Vuitton’s top buyers in our restaurant, and possibly in our suites, in the future. We’re excited to be working with such an esteemed name and brand.

The Financial Times published a great travel piece titled Old Europe in Buenos Aires, which covers a host of tourism attractions and historic places.  From the article;
"'I think Buenos Aires must be the last remaining European city,” a Viennese friend once remarked. Time and distance have left people here with hazy romantic memories of the Europe they left behind."
- Scott Mathis