Thursday, June 25, 2009

Property Updates, Delta Air, and chilled Malbecs and more…

Algodon Mansion's glass partition for the six-story lightwell (which will include a waterfall descending to the lobby) is now being installed:

This aspect of our luxury hotel is very unique. Each suite has either door or window access to the lightwell, which offers sky views.

Good news for us in NYC: starting mid December of this year, Delta Air Lines provide flights between New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport and Buenos Aires, Argentina!  The flights will operate five times a week.

The Washington Post’s recent article titled “Ah, a Cold, Refreshing ... Red?” talks of the joys of chilled Malbecs on a hot summer day.  
Malbec is very much the red wine of the moment, responsible for a stunning surge of imports into the U.S. from Argentina…Malbec has spicy, black-pepper tastes and we really weren’t sure ourselves how well it would stand up to a chill. The answer: fascinating…With a steak right off the grill or a rare hamburger, it would be hard to beat this taste on a hot day.”
- Scott Mathis