Tuesday, June 2, 2009

San Rafael Dakar, and ArtBA

When the Dakar Rally returns to Argentina in 2010, the race runs right through San Rafael- not too far from our Mendoza golf resort and wine hotel, Algodon Wine Estates.  Her is a map of next year’s route:

Enjoy this CNN video on the Buenos Aires International Art Fair (aka “ArteBA”), which has been called “the hottest art event on the planet”. One gallery owner interviewed explains how the combination of Argentina’s weak peso and the world-wide economic downturn is presenting lucrative opportunities for the county’s artists. Evidently, savvy international collectors have realized that Argentina offers to opportunity to obtain undervalued world-class art, and are loading up on great deals. (Similarly-minded people are doing the same with Mendoza vineyard real estate for sale.)

- Scott Mathis