Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Malbec scores, more Malbec, Cabrera, BA, New York Mag...

Great news for our Mendoza Winery, Algodon Wine Estates: Anthony Dias Blue, in association with the James Beard Foundation, rates Algodon Wine Estates 2004 Malbec with a score of 90 points! Mr. Blue is one of the most influential food and wine personalities in the U.S., and his media reaches an audience of more than 30,000,000 global consumers each month. The review will appear in the next issue of The Tasting Panel Magazine’s “Blue’s Reviews” section, where every month Mr. Blue tastes approximately 500 wines and chooses the best 35 to publish his reviews of.

From The Washington Post, here’s another good article on Argentine Malbec;
“Ask a retailer or restaurant sommelier which wines are most popular today, and one of the first answers you're likely to get will be…Malbec from Argentina. Ask which wines over-perform for their price, and you'll probably get the same answer.”
The article, aptly titled “Argentina's Andes Advantage”, specifies three main ingredients for the success of the Argentine wine; value, quality, and altitude.  That is precisely why San Rafael’s district of Cuadro Benegas- where Algodon Wine Estates is located- provides unparalleled soil quality that is ideal for growing red varietals such as Malbec and Bonarda.   Here is some more information on that, written by our own winemaker, click here to read: Bonarda, a new Appreciation.

With Angel Cabrera’s major title win at the recent U.S. Master’s, he has singlehandedly brought the words “Argentina” and “golf” together in many a conversation around the world. I believe his win will prove to be good news for us and our 18-hole championship golf course in San Rafael, Mendoza as well as for Argentine golf in general. As many of you already know, Cabrera is the first Argentine (or even the first South American) golfer to win the Master’s, which is considered by many to be golf's most prestigious tournament.

Reuters recently published an article, Some pick Argentina as haven from economic blues, which specifically talks about the younger generation – people in their 20s and early 30s - moving to BA for its financial benefits;
“Buenos Aires, a sophisticated, European-style capital in South America that long has been popular with savvy tourists and artistic bohemians, is now a haven for some young adults from Europe and the United States who find their savings go further here…”
On a similar theme, New York Magazine’s Real Estate section asks “What If You Left New York?”:
“New Yorkers have a special affinity for the similarly cosmopolitan lifestyle of Buenos Aires, where real estate is cheap and the weather is currently 70 degrees and sunny.”
The piece compares real estate prices for the two cities – specifically BA’s Avenida del Libertador vs. NYC’s Fifth Ave., saying;
“For a comparable apartment here, you’d have to pay eight times as much…”
This puts me in mind of our own price comparison from a few months ago of Algodon Mansion vs. Manhattan’s Upper East Side mansion.

- Scott Mathis