Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone and your families had a great New Year’s celebration! 2009 is setting up to be a spectacular year already.  Our Buenos Aires luxury boutique hotel, Algodon Mansion, is soon opening, we have new wines and labels (see below), and much other forward progress at Algodon Wine Estates, featuring Mendoza vineyards for sale.

Let's start the year busy, and stay busy! Happy New Year!

I received this message from a colleague visiting Algodon Wine Estates over the holiday: “Scott, I am here in AWE – so beautiful! Today there were quite a few golfers, people eating in the restaurant, taking tours of the winery etc. I am doing the Ruta del Vino & checking out Mendoza tomorrow…”

A nice way to start the year.  Have a great 2009!

- Scott Mathis