Thursday, December 11, 2008

Algodon Mansion - Facade Revealed!

The construction tarp covering Algodon Mansion has finally come down. This is a very significant milestone for our luxury boutique hotel in Buenos Aires, as it marks the beginning of the homecoming stretch into the finishing final touches.

The stonework on the mansion’s fa├žade is stunning, and we are extremely happy with the results. Algodon Mansion’s 1912 architecture beautifully complements Recoleta’s surrounding buildings. Gerhard Heusch, our Design Architect, has confirmed that the basement kitchen is currently being tiled; in the dining room, the roof work has begun; the steelworkers are starting work on the stair railings; the pillar has been removed from the bar area; stucco work on the ground-floor ceiling has begun; in the suites, carpet and moldings are being installed, as are the custom bookcases; on the roof, the mechanical area (the “7th story”) is being finished; and the Spa roof has been completed. We are looking forward to the finished product.

- Scott Mathis 

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