Thursday, November 13, 2008

Governor's Visit to Algodon Wine Estates

I recently met with the Governor of the Mendoza Province to discus Algodon Wine Estates' Argentina vineyards for sale, our Mendoza golf resort and wine hotel, and our project's positive impact on the local community, local economy and tourism trade. Governor Celso Jaque visited Algodon Wine Estates with the Superintendent (what we’d call the mayor) of San Rafael, Omar FĂ©lix, and they received the grand tour. We had a fine time, and received many compliments on our development plan and execution, as well as the cuisine at our restaurant, Chez Gaston.

The Governor was particularly enthused by the opportunities for the creation of jobs for San Rafael residents. He also made a point of expressing his enthusiasm for Algodon Wine Estates’ significant economic and cultural benefits for the entire province.

- Scott Mathis 

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