Tuesday, September 2, 2008

South Vineyard & Orchard Village

This village sector at Algodon Wine Estates is mainly made up of fincas (productive lots; i.e. vineyards, orchards…) and as a result, many of the homesites in this sector are much larger than homesites from the other villages. Those who are serious about wanting to reside on a vineyard estate and produce their own wine will most likely choose one of these homesites.  Finca owners will have several options regarding their property's seasonal harvest and production.  For example, a vineyard owner may choose have their vineyard tended, harvested, and processed by the estate’s staff and sold either under the Algodon label, sold to a third party, or ultimately under their own family label.  A private wine cellar and tasting room will also be available for estate owners who opt to bottle and label their own wines.  This village borders on the Desert Village area, and sits adjacent to where the future luxury hotel will potentially be situated.

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- Scott Mathis

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