Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Viñas del Golf

Algodon Wine Estates’ first incarnation was a much smaller-scaled wine and golf resort called Viñas del Golf. We’ve retained the name for the golf course, at present. It was named after José Jurado, who was Argentina’s #1 golfer during the sport’s Golden Age, and is probably the most recognized figure in Argentinean golf history. José is considered “The father of Argentine Professional Golf.” It’s his grandson, Ricky, who first conceived of the estate and who remains an active partner and voice in the evolution of the development. Ricky and his father founded Argentina’s largest golf equipment business and embarked on a personal journey to combine two of their life passions: wine and golf. Thus “Viñas del Golf”; 741 acres of magnificent landscape combining championship golf, world-class boutique wine production, and traditional Mendocinian structures and agricultural techniques. Those original 741 acres were eventually increased significantly when our company partnered with Ricky and purchased adjacent properties, resulting in an increase of vineyards and other cultivatable areas, and an addition of the neighboring desert hills. The expansion brought the total property to over 2,050 acres, and every new parcel offers spectacular views of the Sierra Pintada Mountains, and of the property itself.  As more and more connecting acreage was purchased, it soon became evident that homesite offerings were the most logical next step.

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-Scott Mathis

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