Thursday, May 22, 2008

Algodon Brand

When first developing Algodon, our original goal was to create a brand name of distinction, refinement and elegance- a name which conjures a clean and pure appreciation for the good life, and a sense of refined culture. After much careful thought, we chose “Algodon,” which means “cotton” in Spanish. Though my Mississippi grandparents were cotton farmers at the start of the 1900s (“when cotton was king”), for the most part I initially associated the word with the Cotton Club days of the Roaring 20's, as well as the sophisticated lifestyle often associated with the 50's "Rat Pack". This was a time when travel and leisure were synonymous with culture and sophistication, and that’s the feeling I was going for.

The Algodon brand represents a lifestyle. Our goal is to continue seeking out distinguished properties which encapsulate old-world charm and sophistication, and to refurbish them with modern day service, technology, and amenities.

I’ve been asked if I am looking to create a hotel chain. The answer is no. I prefer to think of this as simply a collection of exclusive properties within Argentina, which operate under the Algodon brand. From there we may expand into other leading cultural cities of the world.

- Scott Mathis 

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